Interface design + Dashboards + Workflows + Data visualization

PROBLM is a low-volume design / build consultancy in Oakland, California, focused on making websites and web apps that are easy to use and modernly minimal.

I am Erik Hopp. I've been working with the Drupal platform for over 12 years and have been a designer and front-end programmer for just as long.

My interests and experience have lead me to focus on building dashboards, web tools and applications, workflows, and data visualizations.

I gravitate towards strategically opportune projects that exhibit creatively-embedded social justice values.

Throughout my design career, I’ve worked with a lot of interesting organizations including The Yes Men, Sierra Club, Fair Trade USA, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, National Lawyer’s Guild, Shareable, NoiseBridge, and the Institute for the Future.

Having been interested in the convergence of software and hardware for a while, in , I left the company I started to join up with some friends who are also interested in building sensor networks, bringing to life the Internet of Things, and utilizing our collective engineering capacity to make tools that enable science to lead us towards a smarter, healthier future.

As such, the majority of my work time these days is spent with my full-time job at AethLabs. In that role, I design and develop tools that both support the air pollution monitors that we design and manufacture and provide customers with the data processing, analytics and visualization tools they need to understand the data they collect. This hasn't left me with much time for personal projects or freelance client work, but when the project is right, I can make it happen.

If you are working on a project with which you think I may be able to help, get in touch.